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See In The Dark Like You Were Born with Night Vision
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Before you claim a Free Mossy Oak® Invisible Night Vision Cap Light…

We’re going to show what makes our groundbreaking light perfect for hard-working people like yourself.

We know you’re going to love how this light improves your life.

In fact, outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, gearheads, fishermen, moms who like to run at night ALL love the Invisible Night Vision Cap Light.

The reason why they love it is because the Invisible Night Vision Cap Light is NOT a flashlight.

It’s better than regular flashlights.

Yes, the compact light works like a normal flashlight.

In fact, the 150 lumen LEDs are bright enough to light up an entire home.

And yes, it’s super easy to use, just like a normal flashlight.

But what makes it different…

And What Makes It Superior To Normal Flashlights

Is how it uses new, hands-free night vision technology to cut through the darkest night.

The Invisible Night Vision Cap Light is the ultimate ninja-tactical tool.

And it also doubles as the ideal go-to utility light… that thousands of people will agree is great for hunting, fishing, trail-running, barbecuing and more!

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Be Honest, Can Your Regular Flashlights Do This?

The Invisible "Night Vision" Cap Light is the future of flashlights.

Here’s how it outperforms any flashlight you own today.

✅ Fixes a Frustrating Issue Common to Normal Flashlights

While normal handheld flashlights are useful…

They’re a 100-year-old technology that can be incredibly inconvenient.

If you’ve ever had to stick a flashlight in your mouth to free up your hands to do work, you know exactly what we mean.

The Invisible Night Vision Cap Light solves this annoying issue once and for all.

That’s because the Invisible Night Vision Cap Light shines ultra-bright light wherever you look.

And it does that 100% hands free.

Here’s How.

What The Headlights In Your Car Have In Common With the Invisible Night Vision Cap Light

Car headlights are essential because they always shine light in the exact spot you need to see.

They never shine light on a place that doesn’t need illumination.

The Invisible Night Vision Cap Light does the same thing as your car’s headlights.

Wherever you look, the incredibly bright LED bulbs will shine.

This feature gives you enough light to see exactly what’s going on, no matter what you’re doing.

  • Helps guarantee changing a flat tire in the dark is fast and easy
  • Running in the morning or night means nothing will surprise you
  • Clean up every speck of dust while working in a windowless basement
  • See all your gear while getting up early to fish or hunt
  • Grill to perfection while barbecuing on the deck while the sun’s down

Along with 100s of other scenarios where an ordinary flashlight will fail you.

But that’s just 1 reason the Invisible "Night Vision" Cap Light is the future of flashlights.

There’s another one we know you’ll agree makes this light better than a regular flashlight.

540NM Light Tech
Advanced "Night Vision" For People Who Never Settle

We originally started carrying the Mossy Oak® Invisible Night Vision Cap Light for hunters and fishermen.

These guys and gals wanted lights they could use in the dark that didn’t spook animals and send them running.

Fortunately, by using a special green light we call “ 540NM Light Tech” they could see at night without giving away their location.

This particular kind of light is perfect for people to use at night.

And it’s why the Invisible Night Vision Cap Light is one of the best forms of low-cost night vision on the planet.

3 Great Reasons 540NM Light Tech is a Great Form Of Night Vision.

540NM night vision light output tech is not the same as night vision you see in night vision goggles.

>>> And that’s a good thing!

Instead of strapping on an expensive piece of headgear to see at night, 540NM Light Tech gives you night vision that’s different and better.

  • ✔️ Bright enough to use for illuminating relatively large areas without causing “washout” (that feeling of blindness that occurs after you turn off the lights and can’t see).

  • ✔️ Not easily detected by human eyes so you can use it and not disturb others.

  • ✔️ Easy to use. Just cycle between normal mode and Night Vision mode to pick the right light for you.

The truth is anyone who wants to see at night, without using their hands, deserves to have the Mossy Oak® Invisible Night Vision Cap Light.

Of course, there are other ways this light’s going to impress you.

6 More Reasons to Get a Free Invisible Night Vision Cap Light Right This Second

1 - Ultra-Lightweight: At just 1.9 oz, it weighs next to nothing for hours of comfortable use.

2 - Compact: Only 3 inches wide and .5 inch thick, it’s thin and compact for easy portability.

3 - Easy-to-Use: A simple rubber button cycles through Normal and Night Vision mode.

4 - Two Powerful Lighting Modes: The Invisible Night Vision Cap Light has two different modes: 150 Lumen Bright White and 100 Lumen Green Night Vision.

5 - Blends In Outside: The Genuine Mossy Oak® pattern helps it blend in to the most rural environments.

6 - Works on Any Hat with a Bill: Two rugged plastic clips hook securely on to any hat with a bill.

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We’re running this giveaway as a way to promote our company.

We’re Patriot Wholesale Club, a team of people who deliver crazy discounts on the most amazing top-selling tactical/survival/hunting gear.

We think it’s silly to spend thousands of dollars on ads on billboards to advertise who we are.

Instead, we figure giving away items like the Mossy Oak® Invisible Night Vision Cap Light will help get our name out in the mix.

Keep in mind these lights have a retail value of $34.97.

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